Creative Ideas Postcards For When You Going To Give Support Your Beloved in Corona Pandemic

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Supporting one another during this quite situation is required immediately. Here a story about an artist and a lady in Cornwall has created a printable postcard to assist those that are self-isolating or reducing social contact. Thanks to coronavirus (COVID-19) — and it shows just how easy it’s to spread kindness during these uncertain times.

Posting on Facebook, Becky said she came up with the thought as to how to practically help elderly neighbours with food supplies, a conversation, or posting their mail. Her now-viral post said: “I’ve been feeling pretty helpless watching the news. Maybe you’ve got too? I wanted to try to do something about it, so I’ve made a postcard that I will be posting to my older neighbours as this progresses (after washing my hands!).

“If only one person feels less lonely or isolated when faced with this pandemic, then I’ll feel better about it (I hope!). Coronavirus is horrifying. Let’s make kindness go viral. Be happy to share/print/use.” the tiny, print-at-home template requires you to fill in your details, tick the areas during which you’ll help then post it through your neighbours’ letterboxes. Whether you can select up someone’s shopping, get them some milk or maybe give them a call, these smart cards might be a lifeline for somebody in need.

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Users are encouraged to go away the things on their doorsteps to avoid direct contact with those in self-isolation.

With many of us self-isolating thanks to coronavirus COVID-19, (particularly those that are over 70), it is often a challenge for several to urge to their local supermarkets or maybe have a conversation with someone outside of their home. Not only do these templates help practically, but they seem to be a brilliant thanks to determining if someone lonely needs your help.

Are you looking to those in your local area? Why not print the template and see what difference you’ll make. Use the hashtag #ViralKindness to share your story.

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